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GF-32 Global chef's


Forged chef's knife

Blade cm. 16

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Forged series chef's knife Blade: cm. 16


Global Knives

Japanese original knives. The most requested by chefs all over the world. The fundamental characteristics are: quality, lightness, ergonomics, design and assortment. The material used for the blades is stainless steel with a high percentage of chromium molybdenum and vanadium. The tempering is carried out on ice and reaches the hardness of 56 - 58 degrees Rockwell. The sharpening of the razor blades allows a very efficient cut.

Global GF Series

Forged blade, larger handle, costs thicker. Heavier than the G series, but perfectly balanced, it is preferred by professionals who have to cut all day. Molybdenum-vanadium steel for a longer thread hold.

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