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The cutlery Maserin, born in 1960, following the artisan tradition that over the centuries has brought Maniago, the city of knives, to excel in the world for the quality of its products. Through constant growth, witnessed by the commercial prestige acquired throughout the world, the company using the most modern techniques (Laser, CNC, CNC machines) contributes to maintain the prestige of the Maniaghesi knives unaltered. Thanks to the experience gained in over 50 years of activity, to a constant search for advanced materials and to the particular attention paid to design, today the MASERIN brand is synonymous with quality, style and evolution. The range of products offered includes knives: Sport-utility, High Tech, Hunting, Collection, Miniatures. In keeping with the tradition that has distinguished this family business since its origins, all the processing phases are carried out internally: we personally follow the production of our products, from design to production, making a careful control on the quality of the finished product. The company also provides customized solutions for every kind of request, creating exclusive models to order, developing projects of finished knives or individual components according to customer needs. Our goal has always been to put the professionalism and the skills acquired at the service of our customers, to guarantee cutting tools of high quality and value.

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