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01. Mondaine Helvetica
01. Mondaine Helvetica

01. Mondaine Helvetica

The Mondaine Helvetica watch collection was born about 30 years after the launch of the famous Swiss railway clock SBB, inspired by Helvetica, the best known writing character ever created. This character was conceived to be at the same time "discreet and moderate, practical, soft and flowing with a harmonious and logically structured form". Helvetica is the Latin word of the adverb "Switzerland", in fact it expresses many of the values ​​and qualities of the Alpine Republic. The character of writing is used in thousands of logos, writings and much more and is known to be one of the most famous and important Swiss creations. The Mondaine Helvetica watches originate from the designer Martin Drechsel who created a design masterpiece with small touches of style. The position of the calendar, for example, is off-center with respect to the axis of the box to be in line with the writing of the dial. The Helvetica No. 1 collection is inspired by the number "1" of the font that has been reproduced on the lower and upper parts of the watch case. To follow the same characteristics of the font the line No. 1 is made in three different sizes inspired by the character: Light, Regular and Bold (light, regular and bold).

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