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Medford Knife & Tool
Medford Knife & Tool

Medford Knife & Tool

Medford Knife & Tool was born from the idea of Greg Medford to create handmade knives able to guarantee performance and safety in extreme conditions. The mission of the American company is therefore to create not a product that accompanies us in everyday life, but the knife that can save our lives on any occasion. The spirit of Greg Medford is therefore to put heart and heart in the design and manufacture of the Medford Knives. The steel used most of the time is the D2, chosen based on the many experiences of all the staff. This material is born as tool steel and reaches high hardness and very high strength. All Medford Knives are obtained through the use of the latest machinery and tested 3 different people to return the perfect Medford Knife & Tool to the buyer. We can offer a worldwide shipment. For info write us at

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