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SAI-T03 Global Hammered Steak Knife 11.5 cm


Global Hammered Steak Knife 11.5/25 cm SAI-T03



Global kitchen knives are the original Japanese knives, the most sought after by chefs all over the world for their quality, lightness, ergonomics, design and range. The Global SAI is the new line of kitchen knives designed by Komin Yamada, creator of the first Global knife. It is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts. This new, high-quality collection features an even more ergonomic handle design with a thumb cavity for easier cutting. The 7 points aligned on the handle represent Bushido (the Japanese warrior's code of conduct) and each point symbolises the virtues of a samurai. The blades are made of the special CROMOVA 18 Sanso steel consisting of three superimposed layers of stainless steel. The central part is made of CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, tempered to 58-59 Rockwell and polished on the edge to ensure exceptional cutting performance. The two outermost layers are SUS410 (softer) stainless steel that protects the blade from chipping, rust and stains. Finally, the blade has a hammered finish on both sides, a feature that gives this series an extra touch of elegance as well as enhancing its performance as it helps the food to come away from the blade.

A knife for cutting steaks and chops effortlessly.


Total length: 25 cm
Blade length: 11.5 cm
Blade material: Steel Chrome 18 Sanso

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