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G-48 Global Santoku Hollow Edge


Knife mod. Santoku

Blade cm.18

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Knife mod. Alveolate Santoku Blade: cm. 18

Promotes detachment of particularly sticky foods from the blade


Global Knives

Japanese original knives. The most requested by chefs all over the world.

The fundamental characteristics are: quality, lightness, ergonomics, design and assortment.

The material used for the blades is stainless steel with a high percentage of chromium molybdenum and vanadium.

The tempering is carried out on ice and reaches the hardness of 56 - 58 degrees Rockwell.

The sharpening of the razor blades allows a very efficient cut.

Global Series G

Series of knives with blunt blade in special hardened molybdenum-vanadium steel and hardened up to 56-58 degrees Rockwell. Empty stainless steel handles, filled with sand for perfect balance. Hand ground blade, excellent resistance to wear. The anatomical shape of the handle and the lightness of the knife (about 30% less than other full-handle knives) allow long use and reduce user fatigue.

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