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Tobisho Sentei Mekiri Handmade Scissors 185mm


 Tobisho Sentei Mekiri Handmade Scissors 185mm

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Scissors for harvest and pruning. Very comfortable, light model for daily use in the vineyard, vegetable garden and garden.

This model has a slightly rounded blade that cuts branches well and is excellent for pruning young vinies etc...; thanks to the shape of the slightly straight counterblade, it is easy to enter between the dense attached branches, while the commercial pruning shears have the curved counterblade (therefore it is not easy to cut the branches very close to each other). 

We also recommend this model for a new vineyard with still delicate vines or young plants.

Handle colors designed to facilitate the finding of scissors in the event of a fall: Red, more visible during the day; Yellow, more visible at sunset.

A clean cut: more health for the plant, less fatigue for the hand

Tobisho guarantees a clean and precise cut of the branch without crushing and wounds to the bark: thanks to the particular shape of the blade, the branches are less subject to attack by bacteria and fungi.The final treatment of the Tobisho blade, sharpened like a Katana, guarantees ease of penetration and exit. It increases ease of use and reduces muscle disorders that often affect those who have to work many hours a day using lower quality secateurs.



On the left: the cut of commercial secateurs is not clear and the branch is dry.

On the right: with Tobisho secateurs the cut is clean and the sap remains on the branch.

One hundred processing phases: all by hand More than 100 steps are needed to get from two steel bars to a pair of TOBISHO secateurs.


This is why Tobisho secateurs last much longer than others: they are more resistant because they consist of only two pieces plus the screw and the spring.

Thanks to the traditional processing methods and to the construction in only two pieces, they do not produce waste like maintenance substances or parts to be changed. They are more environmentally friendly!


● Clean and precise cut thanks to the high-quality carbon steel blade forged and tempered manually.

● Original shape of the blade that allows a clean and precise cut of the branch without crushing and wounding the bark. The branches start easily and are less susceptible to attack by bacteria and fungi.  

● The final treatment of the blade sharpened like a Katana guarantees ease of penetration and exit. It increases ease of use and reduces muscle ailments.   

● Comfortable ergonomic handle forged and tempered: light, solid with non-slip coating, guaranteed for life.  

● The screw, central pivot, is made of softer steel so as not to ruin the surrounding parts of the blade and counterblade so as to guarantee a long life.


Tobisho's most comfortable model for year-round use, from picking fruit to pruning, and arranging the vineyard always clean. Perfect for gardening, agriculture and viticulture.


How to take care of the scissors:

After use, remove the resin with a hard cloth before drying as much as possible and apply a thin layer of mineral oil (such as motor oil). If it has hardened, scrape away with a hard plastic object (e.g. a ruler).

To keep the scissors in the best conditions, inject a drop of oil around the screw (on the inside, where the blade and counterblade are in contact).


Total length: 185mm

Blade length: 50mm

Weight: 185gr

Material: High quality Japanese carbon steel 

Origin: Japan

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