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Japanese Stone Grain 6000


Japanese Stone for Sharpening - 6000 Grain



The Japanese Stones are considered the best Sharpening Stones in the world. Like all synthetic stones, they must be used with water and are found in different grains. The differences between the various grains is the type of abrasion that occurs in use. It starts from the grain 220, which is the grain that abrade more, until you get to the finest grains going up in number. A very important concept in sharpening with Japanese stones is that a very sharp cut is obtained by polishing the wire. This last is achieved by passing the instrument on more types of grain up to the finest (6000 or even 10000).

The grain that is now viewing the Japanese Stones is 6,000 grit and is a very fine grain. It is used for polishing the instruments. Many people ask what is the purpose of a 6000-grained Japanese stone? The answer is simple: the more polished the edge, the more sharp it is. Through the passage on this type of Stone you get to the complete polishing of the wire and then to a very sharp cut. The Sharpening Stone is fixed on a wooden base and is convenient both for working on a plane and holding it in hand by passing it on the knife.

Here are the technical data of the Japanese Stone Grain 6000:




LENGTH: 210 mm

WIDTH: 70 mm

GRANA: 6000


BASIC DIMENSION: 85 x 255 mm

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