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Natural Japanese Stone Ozuku


Natural Japanese Stone Ozuku


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The Japanese Ozuku Natural Stone is an exceptional product for sharpening. Thanks to its very fine grit, this type of Natural Stone is ideal for polishing and sharpening delicate products such as razors, chisels and much more.

Among all the natural stones for sharpening, the Ozuku Stones is considered among the best in the world. It should be used in oil and leave an excellent polishing to the instrument.

The Japanese Stone Ozuku is a very useful tool among other things also for sharpening razors. It is in fact a valid alternative to the most common Natural Stones and its type of grain allows the passage of the Razor without problems. It can also be used for polishing and the final steps of all other cutting tools.

Being a natural product the Ozuku Stones does not have a well-defined grain and the measures written later on the Stone are approximate as they are all different from each other.

Below are the Technical Data of the Japanese Natural Stone Ozuku:


LENGTH: 145 mm

WIDTH: 85 mm



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