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Knife Block Zwilling Gourmet


Knife Block Zwilling - 6 Pieces



The Zwilling Gourmet Knife Block 31697-001 contains 6 indispensable pieces for everyday cooking. In addition to the Zwilling Log in beech wood, we find the following products inside the package:

Chef's knife 20 cm

Meat knife 16 cm

Universal knife 13 cm

10 cm paring knife

Sharpening Sharpener 23 cm

All the products listed above are from the Zwilling Gourmet Line which is the blanked line with the riveted handle. Very high quality Zwilling Gourmet Knives manage to have an excellent quality / price ratio.

The products present in the Ceppo Zwilling are indispensable for everyday cooking. With the Chef's Knife and the Paring Knife they will serve us for all the preparation of raw food: from meat to fish, of all sizes. The Knife for the Meat, however, will be necessary for the cutting of 'Roast, Cooked meats and even meats and sausages. The Universal knife will eventually serve for cutting acidic foods such as tomatoes and food preparation.

The 6 pieces Zwilling Gourmet Knife Block is presented on our website with a 10% discount. TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW !!!

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