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Zwilling Pure Knife Block


Zwilling Pure Strain - 5 Pieces



The Zwilling Pure 33627-000 strain is a strain containing the 5 most used pieces in all kitchens. In fact, inside this product we find a paring knife, a carving knife, a honeycombed santoku, a sharpener and a kitchen scissors all from the Zwilling Pure Series of Knives.

With the Spelucchino and the Trinciante all raw food preparations are made: from meat to fish; from the biggest cuts to the smallest of precision. With the Alveolato Santoku, on the other hand, you can cut all the vegetables. The alveoli are used to prevent the food from sticking to the blade during cutting. The steel instead serves for the sharpening of the knives. The last piece of Ceppo Zwilling Pure is the multifunction kitchen scissors: an essential product for every type of use.

The Zwilling Pure 33627-000 Log contains the following Zwilling Pure products:

10 cm paring knife

18 cm alveolate santoku knife

Chef's knife 20 cm

Kitchen scissors

Sharpening steel



We present the latest news from Zwilling:

A classic of innovation.


Minimalist design and the beauty of a timeless line. Uncompromising aesthetics, with excellent performance also in terms of resistance. A knife that from the first moment will prove to be precious and irreplaceable. Indestructible robustness and technical perfection.


The exclusive composition of ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS represents the perfect balance between chrome and carbon content: the secret to top-quality steel. The knives with the brand FRIODUR are the product of a special cryogenic hardening treatment that enhances the quality. They maintain excellent sharpness, are particularly resistant to corrosion and flexible.


The knives with the SIGMAFORGE brand are obtained from precision forging starting from a single piece of steel, for a perfect geometry. Essential requirement for precision sharpening and for the best cutting properties.


The knot guarantees the right balance, also acts as a protection for the fingers, preventing them from slipping from the handle to the blade.


The continuity of the lines between the knot and the handle ensures maximum maneuverability.


A knife able to conquer the senses and at the same time to offer a combination of dynamism and precision in the cut. ZWILLING Pure: the new entry in the universe of ZWILLING J.A. forged knives HENCKELS.

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