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1909/090 New Bunmei Paring Knife 9 cm


New Bunmei Paring Knife 9 cm 1909/090

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The Yoshikin company complements its Global line with a series of traditional Japanese knives: Bunmei. The blade is forged in special CROMOVA 18 molybdenum-vanadium steel hardened and tempered to 56-58 degrees Rockwell and have a special satin finish that favours the release of food from the blade. The handle is traditional Japanese, made of wood and faceted (Honki) which allows a firm grip to improve cutting precision. A characteristic feature of this line is the asymmetrical sharpening, as per Japanese tradition. The Bunmei consists of 4 basic models made in different sizes: the Usuba for cutting vegetables; the Deba, the traditional Japanese axe, used for precision cuts but also for breaking small bones or bones; the Yanagi Sashimi and the Taco Sashimi for filleting fish thanks to the long, narrow blade.

Sharpened on both sides. Thanks to the sandblasting of the blade, food does not stick. This is why Japanese chefs predominantly use this type of knife. The handle has an ergonomic shape and is made of 'Honki' wood, which offers an excellent grip.


Total length: 21 cm
Blade length: 9 cm
Blade material: Japanese molybdenum vanadium steel  
Handle material: Wood

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