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1804/270 Bunmei Yanagi Sashimi Knife 27 cm


Bunmei Yanagi Sashimi Knife 27 cm 1804/270



The Yoshikin company complements its Global line with a series of traditional Japanese knives: Bunmei. The blade is forged in special CROMOVA 18 molybdenum-vanadium steel hardened and tempered to 56-58 degrees Rockwell and have a special satin finish that favours the release of food from the blade. The handle is traditional Japanese, made of wood and faceted (Honki) which allows a firm grip to improve cutting precision. A characteristic feature of this line is the asymmetrical sharpening, as per Japanese tradition. The Bunmei consists of 4 basic models made in different sizes: the Usuba for cutting vegetables; the Deba, the traditional Japanese axe, used for precision cuts but also for breaking small bones or bones; the Yanagi Sashimi and the Taco Sashimi for filleting fish thanks to the long, narrow blade.

The Yanagi Sashimi knife has a single-sided blade and is most suitable for cutting and slicing fish, especially sushi.

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