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Steel Wusthof Steel Sharpening


Length 32 cm

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Rotating and sharpening

How to keep the WÜSTHOF knives sharp

A distinction is made between two distinct procedures: the sharpening and sharpening of the knife.

The particularities of the two procedures are clarified below.


With time and because of continuous use, any knife loses its sharpness. This happens because of the curvature of the tiny "teeth" located on the two sides of the knife blade. This phenomenon is not visible to the naked eye and the knife is not really blunt yet, but it is not as sharpened as before. Using the sharpening steel it is possible to re-align the teeth and re-sharpen the blade, so that your WÜSTHOF knife can stay sharp and efficient over time.

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We can provide you with some types of sharpening steel with a particularly fine surface. These types of steel are used particularly by butchers and slaughterhouses. This fine surface allows for a particularly smooth cut.

These types of sharpening steel have been specially marked within our range, as well as the types of oval-shaped sharpening steel. At the time of turning, contact occurs with an extended surface of the knife blade and this allows the knife to be rotated more quickly and more efficiently.

How to use sharpening steel:

Hold the sharpening steel in the left hand and the knife in the right hand. (vice versa for left-handed people). As far as movement is concerned, the blade should be slid onto the steel at an angle of 20 degrees in the direction of the wire, exerting slight pressure. Rotate the two sides of the blade alternately, starting from the tip of the steel to sharpen and from the end of the blade edge, along its overall length. After 6-8 alternating repetitions on each side the knife returns sharpened as in its original condition.

Working with the method indicated here, the sharpening steel is positioned vertically with the tip pointing downwards on a solid support surface (workbench or table). The smooth movement of the blade along the sharpening steel allows you to re-sharpen your knife easily and safely. A job that is not too tiring and allows you to keep your knives sharp. The sharpening steel must always be longer than the knife to be turned.

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