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Knife sharpener Wusthof 2 grain


2 grinder sharpener



This two-grinder knife sharpener is safe and easy to use, requiring only a few simple steps to keep the blades sharp.

Soft handle.

knife sharpener wusthof



Sharpening of 2-grained knives

Place the knife sharpener on a flat work surface. Hold the knife sharpener with one hand, as shown, and the knife handle with the other. Insert the knife blade completely into the sharpener's slot at a 90-degree angle.

Apply moderate pressure downwards on the blade, passing the knife through the correct slot.

Repeat the operation by passing the blade always from the handle to the tip (never back and forth) through one of the ceramic slots.

Note: The first carbide phase (rough) sharpens the beveled cuts. The second phase in ceramic (fine) provides a sharp cut like a razor and polished. A fairly sharp knife requires only a slight sanding.

Care and use: Always clean the knife sharpener after use. Wipe with a damp cloth or a soft brush, then wipe with a cloth.

Do not rinse with water.

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