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550GB Global - Mino Sharp Plus 3 sharpener


Knife sharpener minosharp three wheels

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Mino Sharp Plus 3 sharpener, for all types of knives

Equipped with three pairs of medium and fine coarse-grained ceramic wheels for perfect sharpening.




The Global knives are hand-milled in the factory and thanks to the excellent characteristics of the material of which they are made maintain the wire for a long time, although this must be periodically sharpened. Mino Tsuchida has developed the MinoSharp professional sharpening kit and the MinoSharp sharpener specifically for the Global knives.

Fast sharpening with the MinoSharp knife sharpener

When there is not much time available we can effectively and quickly re-sharpen knives with this method. The system is composed of a series of ceramic grinders enclosed in a device with a comfortable grip. There are two or three pairs of wheels working in a water bath, for rough grinding and finishing.



The knife is placed on the appropriate slits and, keeping it in vertical position, it operates back and forth until the desired sharpening is achieved. After use, rinse the MinoSharp knife sharpener thoroughly with water

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