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461 Global Mino Sharp - Superfine grained stone


Stone for sharpening minosharp grana 6000





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Sharpening stone beige, superfine grana - 6000

Suitable for sharpening finely knives blades.

The use of this stone prolongs the sharpening duration.

Supplied 2 pcs. Guide rail De Luxe




The Global knives are hand-milled in the factory and thanks to the excellent characteristics of the material of which they are made maintain the wire for a long time, although this must be periodically sharpened. Mino Tsuchida has developed the MinoSharp professional sharpening kit and the MinoSharp sharpener specifically for the Global knives.


Professional sharpening with MinoSharp stone and De Luxe guide rail

Before using the controlled sharpening stone that the surface is completely smooth, if it is not, you must smooth it by rubbing it on a rough concrete-cement ruperficie. Once the stone is perfectly smooth and flat, immerse it in water for 10-15 minutes, until you see no more air bubbles. While sharpening always keep the stone wet by pouring a few drops of water, do not remove the residues of dust that are deposited. To sharpen with stone it is essential that the same angle is maintained between the blade of the knife and the stone. To make this easier we have studied the De Luxe Guide Rail, which is internally lined so as not to damage the knife during sharpening.

Numerous research has shown that the optimum sharpening angle for most of the different cuts is around 15 degrees. Using the De Luxe Guide Rail will allow you to maintain this angle and thus obtain the best performance from your knives. The guide rail is coated with plastic to minimize the presence of scratches on the knife during use. Once the rail has been removed from the knife, carefully rinse it to prevent stone debris from settling which could scratch the knife the next time the track is used.

Thread the guide rail into the back of the knife. Position the knife blade resting the guide rail on the stone with an orientation of about 45 degrees. Proceed to sharpening with alternating logitudinal movements.

For the ground knives on both sides we recommend sharpening the right side first, until you feel a smudge on the left side; then change hands and sharpen the left side of the blade until you feel a smudge on the left side. Alternate the right side to the left side 4 or 5 times, until you have removed the smudge. The one-sided cut knives must be sharpened while still maintaining the same angle of the edge, they must not be sharpened with the tangerine. After sharpening, wash the knife with neutral soap and warm water, dry it with a cloth.

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