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Zwilling Profection


Meat knife Blade: cm. 20



Zwilling Profection Meat knife

Blade: cm. 20

We present the latest news from ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS

TWIN® Profection - Sophisticated aesthetics and performance. TWIN Profection embodies beauty and functionality. The traditional values ​​of a classic ZWILLING J.A. knife HENCKELS are combined with an innovative technology. TWIN Profection is young and dynamic. Put it to the test!

• QUALITY: The exclusive composition of ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS represents the perfect balance between chrome and carbon content: the secret to top-quality steel. The knives with the brand FRIODUR are the product of a special cryogenic hardening treatment that enhances the quality. They maintain excellent sharpness, are particularly resistant to corrosion and flexible.

• FUNCTIONALITY: The perfectly sharp blade along its entire length allows you to cut from the tip to the knot. The type of sharpening satisfies both the European and Japanese cutting traditions.

• PRECISION: The knives with the SIGMAFORGE brand are obtained from precision forging from a single piece of steel, for a perfect geometry. Essential requirement for precision sharpening and for the best cutting properties.

• HANDLING: The cuneiform geometry of the blade, unique in the world, allows an extraordinary stability and an easy cut; the new curved shape of the knot guarantees safe use

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