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Victorinox Classic Alox Colors Utility Knife


Victorinox Classic Alox Colors Utility Knife V-0.6221.201G

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The Classic Alox pocket knife gets new colors! Updated with a bold range of vibrant colors like  Lime Twist and Cotton Candy, letting you pick the right shade for your personal taste. With a selection of matching accessories to complete the look, it will be the simplest task of a lifetime.

Victorinox Classic Alox utility knife 5 uses:

1) Blade

2) Nail file with

3 - Screwdriver

4) Scissors

5) Key ring

Available in colors: Sweet Berry (Red), Electric Lavender (Lavender), Lime Twist (Lime), Wild Jungle (Blue), Cotton Candy (Pink) e Wet Sand (Sand).

You can combine Lime Twist, Cotton Candy and Wet Sand with the cute silicone sheaths. While the elegant leather sheaths can be combined with Sweet Barry and Wet Sand.


Handle: Alox

Length: 58 mm

Height: 6 mm

Weight: 17 gr

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