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Flashlight Maglite 2AAA Led Blue


Flashlight Maglite 2AAA Led Blue



The 2AAA LED Maglite Torch is the average size of the Maglite torch range and is available in several colors. Thanks to the new LED technology these torches develop a power of 84 lumens. The 2AAA Maglite is built entirely in USA and with the highest quality materials: the Torch body is in Aeronautical Aluminum with the hole on the end of the torch that allows the insertion of the lanyard for the keychains. The lighting of the Maglite 2AAA Led is the classic of the Maglite Torches and consists of rotating the head. With the same system the light beam is also regulated. The Led Maglite is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included in the package). Inside the package we find a clip to carry the torch easily and comfortably. The torch measurements are: 127 mm in length and a diameter of 13 mm.



LENGTH: 127 mm

DIAMETER: 13 mm (HEAD 19mm)

POWER: 84 Lumens

WEIGHT: 49 g Batteries Included

POWER SUPPLY: 2 x AAA (included)

PACKAGING: Maglite Box with Battery and Clip

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