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Focus Control 100 Headlamp


Brightness 108 lumens

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Focus Control 100 Headlamp

Compact LED headlamp with fire control


Wide-range illumination or spot with manual adjustment lever

Mode: high, low and flashing

Four lighting modes: light and night with blue, green, red LEDs.

Power supply with three AAA batteries, ministyle (included)

Duration up to 100 hours (see specifications below)

- high brightness 10 hours

- low light 20 hours

- 30 hours flashing

- 100 hours blue

- green 100 hours

- red 50 hours (red flashing 100 hours)



Leds: 1 Bulb Rebel 90; 4 Nichia bulbs

Brightness up to 108 lumens

Size: 63 x 50 x 43 mm

Weight 96 grams

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