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Shaving Cream Valobra Mentolo - 3 piece pack


Valobra Shaving Cream - Menthol - 3 piece pack - Contents 150 g (x 3) - Soap Valobra



The Valobra shaving cream is available in two types of fragrances: almond and menthol (product that is currently being viewed). The scent of Valobra al Mentolo is very fresh and produces a rich and creamy foam, promoting a perfect shave with a soft soft touch on the skin. Thanks to the final result of shaving, the Valobra Menthol Shaving Cream is often used during the summer season thanks to its refreshing effect. It is recommended to use Valobra shaving cream with a shaving brush.

The barley cream Valobra with menthol has a content of 150 g and is on OFFER IN THIS ARTICLE !!!! BUYING 3 PIECES, in fact, WILL 'A DISCOUNT OF 16% FROM THE PRICE LIST!

To view the offer on Valobra shaving cream with Almond click here!



Careful craftsmanship: the ancient and expensive cooking system, always adopted by Valobra, keeps intact the precious substances used.




Seasoning: special attention is given to seasoning. Six months waiting to offer customers the finest soaps, so effective in cleaning as delicate with skin that becomes soft and fresh



Pure ingredients: the ancient recipes, jealously guarded, have been perfected over the course of a century of experience. The foam of the soap is guaranteed by the coconut oil of an island in the Indian Ocean. Pleasant natural essences, lecithin, vitamins and vegetable oils perfume and make each soap so nourishing.

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