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Razor Rockwell Razors 2C Gunmetal


Razor Rockwell Razors 2C Gunmetal 13160

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The Rockwell Razors 2C safety razor is the ideal product for those who want to approach the world of traditional shaving. This closed-comb razor is made of an extremely durable premium-quality Gunmetal chrome-plated zinc alloy. In addition, it features an adjustable guard to offer two different shaving positions: R1 is the position designed for newcomers or those who prefer a closer shave; R3 is the position to offer a deeper shave, suitable for 1-3 day shaves or for shaving the head.
The handle features a knurling on the grip, providing an excellent grip and high stability to the already perfectly balanced instrument.
Comes with a cardboard box with Rockwell Razors logo and a set of Swedish stainless steel razor blades signed Rockwell Razors.

Also available in White Chrome version

Material: Chrome-plated zinc alloy
Weight: 95 gr
Total length: 97 mm
Handle length: 85 mm
Finish: Gunmetal Chrome
Adjustability: 2 blade settings R1 and R3
Packaging: Cardboard box

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