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Muhle R41 Twist Razor


Muhle R41 Twist razor

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The Muhle R41 Twist Safety Razor is the 2-piece version of the classic Muhle R41 model and therefore with a head called a Closed Pettine which is, among the various types, the most aggressive and suitable for hard beards.

The Twist model of the Muhle arises from the need to create a large safety razor with a 2-piece opening that is much easier to use for the assembly / removal of the shaving blades.

Thanks to this type of opening, in fact, it is enough to rotate the pawl at the bottom of the handle to lift the head and insert the blade. At the end of the operation, screwing the mechanism to the end, the razor will be ready for use.

In addition to the R41 model, the series includes the Rasoio Muhle R89 Twist.

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