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Brush Badger + Shaving Cream Edwin Jagger GS214


Brush Badger + Shaving Cream Edwin Jagger GS214



The Edwin Jagger pack contains an English Badger Badger Shaving Brush and a Tube Shaving Cream with Aloe Vera fragrance.

The shaving brush Edwin Jagger contained inside the package is an excellent product for shaving. The Best Badger rate, in fact, has an excellent quality / price ratio and excellent foaming performance. In the gift box there is also the Brush holder in the same color. The support is essential in the use of the Edwin Jagger brush because it serves to dry and guarantee the product the greatest possible life. On the back of the support there is a double-sided adhesive to fix the support to the wall.

The Edwin Jagger shaving cream present in the gift box is Aloe Vera fragrance and is a tube of 75 ml content. This fragrance is recognized as a soothing and a natural preparation for sensitive skin with properties that help protect, repair and nourish the skin. The fragrance is delicate, controlled and light. Excellent for sensitive skin.

In addition to the Brush Edwin Jagger color Black is on sale at our online shop the gift box with the Ivory Color Brush. To see this product click here!


PACKAGING: Edwin Jagger Gift Box

CONTENT: Shaving Cream in Aloe Tube + Ivory Rate Brush with Support

BRUSH SIZES: Total 100mm, Handle 45mm

Resin Handle Color Black

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