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Microplane Anti-Cut Glove 34007


Microplane Anti-Cut Glove 34007

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Microplane Anti-Cut Glove is ideal for protecting hands during the use of all Microplane products as well as in food preparation. It is made of chemical fibers and adapts perfectly to the right and left hand. We only find one size of this product which is fine for all hand sizes.

The Microplane anti-cut glove protects us in the event that you come into contact with the very sharp products of the American house, making sure that we do not get hurt.

Here below the technical data of the Microplane 34007 Anti-cut Glove:

Made with a non-welded, cut-resistant and cordless machining

Suitable for use on both hands

Medium / large (one size)

Complies with FDA guidelines for food contact

Machine washable, air dry (NOT dishwasher safe)

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