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Rasoio Dovo 1516 Tartaruga


Rasoio Dovo 1516 Tartaruga

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The Rasoio Dovo 1516 is a free-hand razor of the highest quality. With the turtle imitation resin handle and carbon steel blade it is recommended for all types of beard.

The blade width is 5/8 ". The resin handle allows to be used without too much complication in cleaning and maintenance after shaving.The Rovo shavers are included among those of medium-high quality range thanks to its finishing characteristics and steel.

For Freehand Razors cleaning and maintenance is a simple but at the same time very important step. Let us now explain some fundamental aspects. The Dovo 1516 razor, being in carbon steel, needs to be cleaned and carefully dried after all the shaving in order to protect it from rust formation.

As for sharpening, however, the Dovo razors are supplied already sharpened by the parent company and then ready for shaving. The passage to the strop will be enough to re-energize the thread provided by the Dovo.

To keep the razor sharp, just pass it on the strop, before shaving, every time you use it. Once you can not rewind the thread through the strand it will be necessary to pass it on the sharpening stone. We recommend the use of natural stones wet with oil.

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