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Bowl with Leaving Soap


Bowl with Leaving Soap



The Shaving Bowl with Soap Lea is a packaging of excellent value for money that allows you to use and mount shaving cream from the bowl through the soap contained inside and with the help of a brush.

Turned entirely by hand, the wooden shaving bowl has the brand of the manufacturer on the lid and allows you to use and store the soap while safeguarding its fragrance.

Shaving soap produces a rich foam that helps and eases our shaving and is made entirely in Spain. The fragrance is with notes of sandalwood, musk and menthol.

Once sold out you can buy the refill to start using the shaving bowl.


PACKAGING: Wooden bowl with soap

CONTENT: 100 g

INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, Lanolin, Sandalwood and Musk Notes, Bisabolol, Allantoin and Menthol

BOWL MEASURES: height 40 mm - diameter 100 mm

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Lea Classic
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