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Shaving Soap Edwin Jagger Sandalwood


Shaving Soap Edwin Jagger Sandalwood



The Shaving Soap Edwin Jagger is a hard bar of soap. It is contained in a bowl that allows the transport in an effective way without problems, also allowing the use of the package to mount with a brush shaving soap. The contents of the pack are 65 g and can be found on the market in the four classic Edwin Jagger variants: Aloe Vera, Mentolo, Sandalwood and Lime and Pomegranate.

The fragrance of the shaving soap Edwin Jagger who is now viewing is Sandalwood.

The fragrance with sandalwood is the finest, composed of natural oils. This rare and precious fragrance provides a sensual wood aroma; delicate, it is a combination of peppery and spicy exotic woods. Masculine and delicate. Ideal for normal and dry skin.

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CONTENT: 65g soap



Edwin Jagger has understood and spread the environmental and health concerns of their customers, placing great emphasis on choosing the best natural ingredients in their products. The main objective, in fact, is to create a product of excellent quality that does not give problems in use.

Our products are 99% composed of natural components derived from organic plants and mineral oils. All Edwin Jagger products are paraben free and paraffin. Where possible the natural ingredients are obtained using energy efficient means. The luxurious foaming properties of our creams and our soaps are enriched with the natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, Lime and Pomegranate and Menthol for a wonderful shaving experience.

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