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Razor Boker King Cutter


Razor Boker King Cutter

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The Razor Boker King Cutter is a product with 5/8 "blade that is fine for shaving.The Boker Razors are considered among the best Solingen products in the world.The black celluloid handle allows the use of the King Cutter without problems. blade is made of carbon steel and therefore requires the classic maintenance necessary for this type of steel.

Precautions for using the Freehand Razor:

In the use of the Freehand Razor it is very important to remember first of all that the Boker Razors sold at our store are made of Carbon steel. This means that I can be subjected to oxidation and therefore to rust. To avoid this factor, dry the razor with free hand after use and if stored for long periods of inactivity create a protective film with vaseline oil or the mixture used for sharpening (click here! )

The Boker razor is supplied already sharpened by the house but it is still recommended to buy a strand for sharpening the Free Razor. The strop, in fact, will be necessary before each shave in order to keep the Boker razor always sharp as the first day.

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