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Razor DE89 + Shaving Cream Aloe Edwin Jagger GS12


Razor DE89 + Shaving Cream Aloe Edwin Jagger GS12



The Edwin Jagger pack contains a Safety Razor and a Shaving Cream from the English house with the Aloe Vera fragrance.

The Edwin Jagger Safety Razor is a great shaving product. With an excellent quality / price ratio, this Rasoio DE is ideal for those who approach the world of safety razors in a new way. Thanks to the gentle inclination that gives the razor blade, in fact, this product is recommended for all types of skin and beard, even the most sensitive. Inside the package, in addition to the DE89 safety razor, we also find a package of 5 Derby razor blades.

The Edwin Jagger shaving cream present in the gift box is Aloe Vera fragrance and is a tube of 75 ml content. This fragrance is recognized as a soothing and a natural preparation for sensitive skin with properties that help protect, repair and nourish the skin. The fragrance is delicate, controlled and light. Excellent for sensitive skin.

The Gift Box Edwin Jagger is present with the Black Handle Razor in two types of shaving creams: Aloe Vera and Sandal. To see the model with the sandal shaving cream click here!


PACKAGING: Edwin Jagger Gift Box

CONTENT: Shaving Cream in Aloe Tube + Safety Razor DE89

RAZOR MEASURES: Total 90mm, 3 piece opening

Chromed handle

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