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Razor Merkur 25C Long


Razor Merkur 25C Long

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The Merkur 25C Safety Razor is a razor very similar to the 15C model. In fact, it differs only and exclusively for the total length of the razor. The Merkur 25C, in fact, is considered the long model of safety razors. With an excellent quality / price ratio, the Merkur 25C has the type of opening for the insertion of the blade 3 pieces. This method of opening consists in completely unscrewing the head of the razor which then will be divided into two pieces for the insertion of the blade.

The type of Shaving obtained with the Merkur 25C is suitable for any type of beard (a little less for those with a very sensitive skin) and especially for those who love an aggressive cut but without exaggeration.

In the Merkur package there is a blade of the German company.

To see the shorter Merkur 15C model click here!

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