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Grater for Spices Microplane 34001


Grater for Spices Microplane 34001





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The Microplane Grater for Spices with Container 34001 is an excellent product for all Spices. Thanks to its fine grain and its container you can grate without problems in a simple and fun way to add a nice touch to our drinks and our dishes. The convenient container of Graters for Spices Microplane manages to keep the fragrance to our grated when it is left unused.

The Grater for Spices is composed of two pieces of plastic that are composed: on the first there is the real grater while on the second there is the container for food.

Below the technical data of the product:

Materials: blades made of surgical stainless steel. Plastic body.

Grater, spread and preserve spices quickly and easily

The upper part is ideal for retaining whole nutmeg

The lower container contains grated foods that can easily be poured directly onto drinks or sweets

Surface of the grater: 5.1 cm x 3.2 cm

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