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Razor Dovo 101 Black


Razor Dovo 101 Black

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The Rasoio Dovo 101 is one of the most famous and freehand razors in the world. Thanks to its excellent quality-price ratio, it is considered the best product for those who approach the shaving method in a new way.

The Dovo 101-581 has a black resin handle and is made of this material so as to keep the price low and at the same time be as resistant as possible (unlike the handles made of natural materials that are beautiful but more delicate).

The blade is 5/8 "wide and made of Carbon Steel, an indispensable material to build a good free hand shaver but which requires little maintenance after use (rinse and dry the razor carefully).

The Dovo free-hand Razors are supplied already sharpened and ready to be used. To keep sharpening, simply shave the razor, before shaving, on the razor strand that will be essential from the beginning and every time you use our razor.

When we are no longer able to re-energize the thread on the strand, then the stone to sharpen will be necessary to allow us to bring the Dovo razor back to its initial condition. We recommend a natural stone wet with oil.

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