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Renzo Fantoni has for a long time been interested in the hot precision molding of turbine blades for thermal, nuclear and gas power stations. For the materials and their treatments the collaboration / relationship with the laboratories of the most important steel mills and with the internationally renowned customers was very close (Franco Tosi & Ansaldo, Alsthom, Gec, ABB, KWU, Siemens, GE, De Laval) The evolving needs of customers have forced the company and Fantoni itself to a strong research activity to meet the new technological challenges in order to reach avant-garde positions. The company also produced knives for professional and home use. Not for nothing in the English language "blade" means at the same time blade and shovel. For home knives, when design in the world was considered as unnecessary sophistication, the designer was an important and often indispensable figure. The Fantoni, without a doubt, was the first in the field of sporting cutlery to require more than 20 years ago, the intervention of a designer, Moris Baroni. The results of this collaboration were excellent. Even today many products have remained as such and as designed, as they are current. For the American market, the collaboration of other designers or custom makers like R.W. Loveless, William W. Harsey and lastly Chriss Reeve. Danilo Roman Ross designed some knives and utensils. He also started to collaborate with the young and passionate designer Tommaso Rumici. Over time Fantoni took on some important positions in the Industrial Associations (Member of the Small & Medium Industry Committee of the Association of Industrialists of Pordenone, and then president of the Export Api in Pordenone) first promoter among other things a series of conferences on the "just in time" concept consequent also to the introduction of the Quality Assurance System into the Company. The knowledge was also transferred to the maximum extent allowed for high quality sports cutlery. Fantoni Srl offers fixed blade knives in martensitic stainless steels hot stamped for hunting, folding knives with hot stamped folders (the first to use this system in the sector) in austenitic, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels. Next to that it produces knives obviously made from ribbons. On the market today there are steels of maximum excellence for their chemical composition and mechanical properties, but which do not lend themselves to the way they have been processed by hot molding. And not only. Even the accessory materials are the subject of careful choices. Also in this case the knowledge, experience and practice of Fantoni have been of great help in defining the product lines and the relative manufacturing processes (where thermal and surface treatments are important). The Fantoni Srl, confirming its technological know-how, is proud to inform that it collaborates with some of the most advanced steelworks in the research (Sandvik and Crucible) to test new types of steel to be destined to high quality cutlery. Relations with customers, both of the past and new, located in various parts of the world, are of great help in increasing the knowledge that allows the development of new product and process technologies. Fantoni pays the greatest attention to involving designers in this innovative activity. Fantoni has produced and continues to produce for prestigious brands but now it is pleased to present itself on the market with its own brand.

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